School Girls Week at Twin Peaks

What a wonderful site to behold! Young, slender college age girls, dressed in the skimpiest of school girl outfits. Must be that Catholic School girl mystique. smile.   So, in the greatest of American traditions, we prepare to go back to school and the Twin Peak girls really got into the back to school spirit… so to speak.

I asked them where they got their outfits?  The immediate answer was “stripper stores”.  Like, duh, didn’t I know that?  In Dallas they went to Electric Boutique or some other place on NW Highway near I-35E.   You could tell the stripper skirts from regular ones, as they barely covered their bums.   Yet, no one was complaining.

Roxy - School Girl week

Roxy - School Girl week

Damn that's short!

Damn that's short!

Not sure the Nuns would approve….

This week was full of gaiety and fun. Although my liver is suffering from the duty of work that required me to attended every day of the frivolity – and just for reporting accurately!

I learned many fascinating things about the girls going to school. For example, Roxy wants to attend prenatal sonogram care at El Centro (a two year intensive program).

Kristin wants to be a sports announcer and can beat you at any trivia about sports – especially the Dallas Cowboys.  She even attends every training camp – and claims to have been attending since a little girl.

Danielle is now attending TWU in Denton to get her Masters in Nutrition.  Not to shabby.

Most other girls in the Dallas area attend CCCC, or Brookhaven, or Richland. Or, are going back to UNT (sigh). One girl is studying acting and regularly appears in plays around town.   The Austin Twin Peak restaurants have the unfair advantage of having a choice selection of UT Austin girls – estimated around 25,000 (UT is over 54,000 now?).

If any of these girls is planning on being a proctologist I’m staying seated.

Somehow, when we were in school, the skirts were neither as low riding on the hips or as high above the knees.

All in all, it was a glorious week and great to have everyone back in school!

Submit your stories to me from School Girls Week – tell me what you learned while in TP school.

As Always,

The Peak Insider


6 responses to “School Girls Week at Twin Peaks

  1. “Young, slender college age girls, dressed in the skimpiest of school girl outfits.”

    Funny thing is, this being Twin Peaks, some of the girls are barley even “college-age”. That’s right, folks: at Twin Peaks you don’t only get girls in schoolgirl outfits, you might even get an actual schoolgirls in a schoolgirl outfit. Not that you see anyone complaining…

  2. You have to be 18 to work there….

  3. Hostesses are 16 and up…

  4. Dawg is talkin, these girls got skilz!!!

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