Table 16 and the Cougars

There comes a time when every business becomes like a family. And very family has its secrets. Or skeletons in the closet. Or… stories that should never get out.  But they do.

Your intrepid blogger, aka The Peak Insider, has uncovered a rather salacious tale that is more juicy than the Twin Peak steak sliders. A certain TP store in the Dallas metro area had a rather interesting incident one nite recently.   Two Cougars (an entire blog post will be dedicated to the phenonom of cougar sitings at TP) were in attendance at TP late one night – no doubt wandering down from the northern suburbs.   These Cougars were on a mission: they were hunting.   Like starved cats on the Savannah circling the a watering hole, looking for prey.

Table 16

Table 16

On this particular nite, they spotted their prey, and after many libations to weaken his inhibitions, directly asked him if they could do something to him.  Right there and then.  Thus, they proceeded from the bar to the only slightly less private Table 16. There, the act took place. Or did it? No one except the 3 participants really know for sure what happened, as it was very late. But, well, let’s just saw, reliable sources attest to the boldness of the cougars and the willingness of the participant.

No more shall I disclose in this forum, but if you want to investigate yourself, the next time you go to a Twin Peaks – anywhere, ask to be seated at table 16. See if you get a grin.  I think the cat is out of the bag on this one.

Twin Peaks now has their “Area 51″… and it is called Table 16.

Your intrepid report on the prowl,

The Peak Insider

Perhaps the New Table 16?

Perhaps the New Table 16?


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