Twin Peaks is CandyLand for Guys


Remember the CandyLand board game as a kid? You drew cards with a color on them and advanced down the path to that color passing Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop woods, etc? Remember the warm feeling you got while playing it?

I get the same feeling going to Twin Peaks. Its CandyLand all over again for guys who have perhaps forgotten the warm fuzzy feeling of simple fun and good times.

If you google CandlyLand the board game you will see articles about comparing Life to CandyLand, Mathematical Analysis of CandyLand (for real) and so on. I posit to you that CandyLand is re-incarnated in the form of Twin Peaks. It is what we need in today’s world of Al Qaeda, the current “great depression”, home foreclosures and job losses (I wonder how many unemployment funds are being spent at Twin Peaks these days. hmmm).

When you walk into Twin Peaks, it is like opening up the board for the CandyLand game. Remember the bright multi colors? The happy faces of the little kids? Same as any Twin Peaks you walk into. You will never see a sad face on the guys or the girls.

The first character on the board game is Lord Licorice and Licorice Castle. Very akin to the hostess stand where the manager is sometimes lurking. Interesting, but not what you are here for. If you get seated right away its like the Gumdrop pass – a cut off going directly to Gumdrop Mountains.

And off you go – past the cartoon fairy tale characters with names like Grandma Nut (who didnt know a nut as a Grandma as a kid?). Princess Lolli of Lolli Pop woods (I ain’t even going there) was dressed as a fairy with a pretty short skirt and a rather perky top.   Little did we know it was a foreshadowing of Twin Peak girls yet to come in our lives.

Finally, we get to the food. The board game has peanut brittle, gum drops, ginger bread, peppermint candies and so on. All good things as a kid. At TP we have fish tacos, pulled pork nachos, double cheese burgers and steak sliders. Don’t forget the desert – served up just like the images from CandyLand with cherries on top of the mounds of ice cream and whip cream.  Ah, life is good again.

So the next time you are at Twin Peaks, think about CandyLand. And feel the warmth as you relax and smile again.  Nothing wrong with being nostalgic.

Your intrepid blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insider

Nice Cherries

Nice Cherries

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