The Left Coast Hijacked the CandyLand idea

Lombard St in San Francisco

Lombard St in San Francisco

They borrowed an idea from your intrepid blogger.  Those west coast liberals shamelessly hijacked my nostalgic blog regarding CandyLand and Twin Peaks. Today, August 19th, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the game CandyLand, they are turning Lombard Street in San Francisco into the CandyLand board game, complete with actors dressed up as the board characters. (cant wait to see how they dress up Princess Lolli Pop).  It should be mentioned that it is for the benefit of children from the UCSF hospital, so I won’t protest too loudly.

Princess Lollipop

Princess Lollipop

In response to the left coast celebration in the city on the bay, I challenge Twin Peaks to also celebrate the 60th anniversary of CandyLand! Let’s get the girls to dress up as Princess Lollipop! Offer a free beer to anyone that comes dressed up as one of the characters (um, scratch that – that would be friggin weird).

No matter, instead of gumdrop candy, have a Jaegermeister shot instead.  And on second thought, keep the girls in the TP lumber jack outfits.

Sometimes change is not good in our lives.

Your blogger,

The Twin Peak Insider



2 responses to “The Left Coast Hijacked the CandyLand idea

  1. Love those outfits!

  2. Candyland? Are u shittin me? Peaksider, there ain’s nothing childish about these girls and their game. What are u thinkin?

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