Name Badges: Bambi, G.I. Jane and more

Notice how each girl has a badge with their name and where they are from?  Most are not that interesting as far as location – like Dallas, Bedford, Austin, etc.  Now and then you might get an interesting one such as Russia (Roxxy in Addison e.g.).  Most of the names are their real names but sometimes they are not – such as G.I. Jane!   G.I. Jane said something about she always liked that moniker and thus the name selection.

GI Jane

Personally, I am glad that they names are not “stripper” stage names such as Amber, or Crystal, or whatever the name du jour is these days at stripper clubs.     Yet, you will see a preponderence of Bambi name badges.   Underneath, it says “in training”, which is either an attempt to apologize for the generic stripper name, or to be easy on her for mistakes, or for sympathy tips?     What you may not know is that they are required to wear a name tag (takes about 3 days or so after they complete training).  If they show up without a name tag then they are given the Bambi name tag to wear for the day which the girls hate to do if they are not in training.    Perhaps this is the way for management to encourage them to remember to bring their badge.

Danielle as Bambi for the day

Danielle as Bambi for the day

So the next time you are there, look at the name badge.   Ask if it is their real name.  Ask about their home town if they are from an oddly distant place.   Or, if they are a Bambi and not obviously in training (following another waitress around) razz them if they forgot their badge.   But whatever you do, don’t come back with the tiresome line of  “hey Bambi nice to meet you, I’m Thumper”.

Your dedicated blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insider

tsk tsk - Erika forgot her badge today

tsk tsk - Erika forgot her badge today


3 responses to “Name Badges: Bambi, G.I. Jane and more

  1. Hey Peakdude, who cares about the freakin name tags? I never noticed them before you pointed them out. Now you’ve created a huge distraction. Are u crazy?

  2. Hey Peekaboo, Outlaw is right. Why are you such a candy ass?

  3. And speaking of G.I. Jane, she is smokin hot!!

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