Girl of the Week interview – Kristin (Addison store)

The Twin Peaks Insider is launching a new weekly series that will introduce you to a Twin Peaks girl to get to know her on a more personal basis (hey – keep your mind out of the gutter). This inaugural post features Kristin, Addison store, as the Twin Peaks girl of the week.

Kristin is 25 and grew up all over the world to Australian born parents. She lived in Southern California the past 3 to 4 years, just recently moving to Dallas a few months ago. In addition to being cute and vivacious, what you may not know is that she is a purple belt in Kempo Karate, wants to be a sports caster, and claims to be a bad ass cook. Her dad was a member of the Crowded House rock band with musical talent running in the family since she plays piano, sings and writes songs (one is currently up for consideration in a movie).



In SoCal she went to sports broadcasting school and is a serious Cowboys fan (growing up in Texas as a kid). She is such a  Cowboys fan that she drove to San Antonio from Dallas after a night shift at Twin Peaks to see a day of Cowboys training camp a few weeks ago. Be careful quoting football stats – she may school you with her sports knowledge.

A few years ago she broke her neck in a terrible car wreck in LA and she says she was lucky to not be paralyzed. Some quick tidbits: favorite food – Mexican (Tia’s at one time, now Uncle Julio’s), favorite color – purple, favorite movie – The Lady Bugs (Google it).

She did work at Hooters at the age of 18, but just for one year.  I asked her why she quit (expecting to hear that she didn’t like the management, tips were not good, too corporate and not fun, etc).   She replied “I dumped a pitcher of beer on a guy”.   Wow, feisty!     She said the guy was very rude and she was an impulsive 18 year old at the time.   (note to self, keep pitchers of beer out of her reach if sitting in her section).   Actually, she seems quite mature and level headed.

A final note:   She does have a few tattoos (two are pictured in on the tattoo page on this site), some are obvious and some are not. Need I say more?

Your inquisitive blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insider


2 responses to “Girl of the Week interview – Kristin (Addison store)

  1. Excellent feature – and potentially a good conversation-starter if and when I get down to Addison.

  2. Pipsqueeker, u better stay as far away from my Kristin as you can. She’s smokin hot and digs my chili.

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