Bikini Car Wash

What guy doesn’t want to watch girls in bikini’s wash his car on a summer afternoon while sipping a cold one?   I do!

G.I. Jane

G.I. Jane

So this is exactly what your intrepid blogger did today.   It was in the upper 90s with a sun filled Texas sky on an August afternoon with nothing else to really do.   A few of friends of mine met up at Twin Peaks (told the wives we had to get the car washed) and down a few while the girls did their thing on the cars.   We had lunch, drank beer and watched the golf tournament on the big screens while waiting for our cars to be washed.

First, if you go – sit at the front or in the patio, depending on the restaurant configuration.  You get a better viewing.   We sat near the windows up front that were open so we could socialize and hear what was going on.  They take your name and put on the list. When it is time for your car to be washed, if you have a choice parking spot they put a cone in your spot to reserve it.   Next, about a half dozen bikini wearing girls get to work washing your car.  Not bad.IMG_0056

I happened to talk to a few of them and they told me that they volunteer for this; it is not a shift assignment.  “G.I. Jane” said she likes it better than being inside because she “likes being ogled at”.  Our waitress inside told me that GI Jane has a nice body;  her butt and legs were in great shape.  Oh, I said?  Apparently her boyfriend is a fitness trainer.  Lucky guy.

As I watched, they seemed to have more fun squirting water and throwing the soapy sponge at each other.  One gal said that this isn’t work at all and that her entire job really isnt work.

Overheard conversation:  “I hate it when my swim suit bottom gets filled with water and sags on the butt pulling it down”.   (yeah I hate it when that happens).   The other girl replied “yeah, but what about when you have a top with push up foam inserts and when it is soaked with water you have to squeeze it to get it dry”.  So she squeezed her tatas to get the water out of the bikini top.  Oh… geez.

I love bikini care wash Sundays.


Your dedicated reporter,

The Twin Peaks Insider


For more visuals, click here to see a video from a Lewisville store car wash in June:  Twin Peaks Car Wash


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