What Was He Thinking

This goes under the category of “what was he thinking”.   While sampling the tap beers, we noticed a guy sitting by himself with a rather unusual style of keeping track of his sunglasses.    The common style is to push your sunglasses up on top of your head when dashing inside for a minute.  Sometimes we forget and they stay up there for a while.   Yet, we will always leave with them in our possession no matter how much we have to drink.   Recently there is the style of stowing them behind the head.  I guess it is supposed to make your kids think you have eyes in the back of your head.  Yet, I never quite got used to this look.   For really old guys, they might wear them on their forehead.  Kind of push them up and they seem to stay up there on their brow.   I think old guys are used to doing this with reading glasses and they sort of thought – hey – why not with the sunglasses?

A recent sighting at Twin Peaks proves that we are all individuals, striving to define our own style.  To be trend setters.   Leaders in what is cool.  Runway fashionistas.  IMG_0063 The guy in the picture clearly takes the cake.  He had his sun glasses hanging down under his chin while sort of attached to his temples.   This act was accomplished while quaffing several beers, eating and smoking.  Not sure if he was trying to catch the crumbs as they fell or what.  I was hoping to overhear the Bud Lite add with the announcer half singing:  “We salute you Mr. sunglasses hanging down below your chin inventor”.

Needless to say, the scenery was better elsewhere that day.

Your humble blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insiderbutt


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