Frisco site – sneak preview

The newest location will open next week, starting Monday, August 31st, in the fast growing north Texas suburb of Frisco.   It is located at the SW corner of Preston and Warren, just north of the Stonebriar mall.   IMG_0083

We got a sneak preview of the place, albeit still under final construction and finish out with boxes, unassembled furniture pieces and tools all around.   The place was converted from a Bennigan’s but it sure doesn’t look like a Bennigan’s.    The bar is a U-shaped bar that once had a wall dividing it from the restaurant – now it is open and feels much better.   Flat panel TVs are hanging all around tuned to a selection of sports related channels so you won’t miss a thing.  They keep the booths from Bennigan’s which wrap around the outside walls very similar to the Tulsa location.   Eight of the booths have their own small flat panel TV screen with a choice of 6 sports channels.   There is also an AC outlet plug for your phone or laptop.  Pretty cool.  (and of course free wifi)

One booth, located in the left rear corner, they have affectionately dubbed it the Don Corleone booth, as it has 3 sides to it and is very private.   The management comes from Rockfish, Cheddars and other restaurants with years of experience.   Waitresses have been hired and are going through training every day.  Some of course have come over from the Hooters down the street.

The "Don Corleone" booth

The "Don Corleone" booth

Outside, they have a great patio, big log cabin type beams for the cover and facing east: no hot later afternoon sun).   At one end is an outdoor fire all stone with a flat panel TV overheard.   Their was extensive work done to the drainage outside due to the poor construction previously when it was Bennigan’s.

stone fireplace outside (still being finished)

stone fireplace outside (still being finished)

Inside, they did a nice job on the walls.  The wood for the walls as well as the wood log beams came from an East Texas log cabin builder.   For the walls, they have flat logs with a chiseled look and mortar filling.

A lot of personal attention to detail from the owners went into this site including the music which is hand selected by Randy, founder and majority owner.  He seems to prefer a blend of classic rock and alternative more recent hits.

Word has it that this Twin Peaks location may be attended by a lot of families and sports teams (co-ed softball, etc), due to the demographics of Frisco.

The first week the restaurant will only be open evenings.  After a week or so, they will open up for lunch (the crew needs to be polished in order to handle the lunch hour crush).

All in all, it seems like a nice layout with a lot of attention to detail.  A great sports bar for the far northern suburbs.

The Twin Peaks Insider


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