Vanda Purvis, Round Rock Gun Photo Waitress, to Pose in Playboy


You heard it here first.  Vanda (pronounced like Vawnda) is talking about posing for Playboy.   She is leveraging her 15 minutes (or 1 photo in this case) into a spread, er um, photo spread.  For a refresher on her photo of fame see the blog story here. In addition to the usual facebook and myspace entries of someone who is in her early 20s, she now has a web site where the title is “I know my way around guns”.   Gotta love a self promoter.   But, she is also outspoken.  In response to the stories about the gun photo incident in the Austin American Statesman, Vanda said on 8/25/09:

“My name is Vanda Purvis better known as the waitress pictured above “Bambi.” I grew up around guns, my whole life I’ve owned weapons. I am an expret marksman and as a matter of fact, I own my own AR15…(I think every Texas girl should!) the exact gun I am pictured with. Its sad that off duty, unintoxicated, gentleman can’t come and have a good time without things blowing wayyyyy out of proportion. They have an extremely tough profession and lets be honest, if they handed that gun to the Mayor for a picture this wouldn’t be news but because they handed it to little blonde me, everyone is all up in arms over it. BOLOGNA!! Go to my facebook, myspace or…. this is not the first picture I’ve taken with a gun.”

So when will this loaded photo shoot take place and be published in Playboy?   No dates have leaked out but as soon it does, it’ll trigger a mention here in this blog.   In the meantime, enjoy these pictures (from the web site – honest).


Baby got back

Baby got back


Vanda has more pictures on her Picasa web album, so to see more of her and guns, click here.

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Note:  follow up article posted 8/29/09 click here to read


4 responses to “Vanda Purvis, Round Rock Gun Photo Waitress, to Pose in Playboy

  1. Nice. I still think it had to be a lefty who called the cops on this incident. I mean, who else would freak when they viewed a bunch of smiling police officers and a civilian simply holding a weapon?

  2. @ Craig – if you read the stories, it was another cop that called it in.

    Responsible gun owners don’t casually pass around their weapons in social settings. Whether left or right handed :-).

    Vanda is a sweetie, and a good waitress to boot. Hope she can cash in. Love to see what I’ve been missing ;).

  3. I worked with Vanda in 2004 at a call center. She’s a real beauty and very sweet. I wish her the best in all her endeavors. Go get em Vanda!

  4. Amazing issue, I didn’t thought it would be so great when I klicked at the title with link.

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