Deer Nuts and Other Naughty Bits

While enjoying sliders and beer with the Cougar Killer (see article here. Now he wants to be called the Cougar Hunter – geez), it was noted IMG_0076that a certain deer head mounted also had his back side on the other side of the wall.   One of the TP girls referred to the deer as a Bambi – a “she”.   Cougar Killer pointed out it was a male due to the rack. (why do guys refer to a woman’s torso endowment as a “rack”, yet call the male deer’s appendages on his head a “rack”?).    Back to the story.

However, when going to the other side of the pillar, the rear end is without any male appendages.   No johnson, no nuts.  Odd.

From this discussion point, the conversation moved downhill fast.  Our TP girl pointed out that guys are fascinated with their johnsons.   Not so, we doth protest!   In addition to TP waitress job, she works as a nanny caring part time for two little boys ages 2 and IMG_00774.  Every time she gives them a bath, the two of them sit in the tub and start “playing with themselves” (her words, not mine mind you) down there she pointed out.  And each time she tells them to stop that.

Cougar Killer and I both wondered that if SHE was our nanny, and gave us a bath…. grrrrrr.

Reporting from the scene,

The Twin Peaks Insider


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