Bumper Sticker Ideas for Twin Peaks Frisco (while we wait for Vanda Purvis appearance)

Friendly Bar Staff at Frisco location

Friendly Bar Staff at Frisco location

The Frisco location at Preston and Warren is now open – evenings only for the first week or two.  While we were musing at the bar with a cold one admiring the scenery, and watching about 10 video screens at once all showing sports, we wondered when Vanda Purvis, aka “Bambi” would be making a guest appearance.   Perhaps Vanda might show up with Frisco’s finest, sign photos and take pictures on the trunk of a Frisco police car?  Since it’s Frisco, she could hold a soccer ball instead.

Continuing with the image of the Frisco “all American suburb” theme, (families, soccer clubs, school activities) we thought they should come up with bumper stickers  that are in line with the ones you see on the Suburbans, Land Rovers, and other Frisco Soccer Mom’s cars.  You know, the one that says “Proud Parent of an honor student”?    Here is a listing of our suggestions:

Proud Parent of a Twin Peaks Girl

My Daughter is a Graduate of Twin Peaks school for girls

My Daughter is a Twin Peaks Calendar Pin-Up Girl

My Daughter is a Twin Peaks Girl.  Wish the wife was too.

Breast enhancements done while you wait: Twin Peaks uniform tops.

My daughter and my money both end up at Twin Peaks

Proud Grandma of a Twin Peaks Girl

Proud Parents of an Honor Waitress at Twin Peaks

Proud parent of a daughter whose self esteem is sufficient enough to work at Twin Peaks

Wait till you see our Crossing Guards

“So glad they have a school uniform dress code at Twin Peaks” – Mom

“If feminists dressed like this they would be more liked” – Twin Peaks patron

“I talk to strangers” – Twin Peaks waitress

I brake for beer and boobs.  (not always in that order)

Bike Night at TP:  Low Rider bikes and shorts


A customer and his money are a TP girls best friend

All my TP drinking buddies have a staring problem

Twin Peaks:  The reason I get up in the afternoon

Twin Peaks Frisco:  Northern (suburb) Exposure

Your Wife said it’s OK to View the Peaks

And finally:

Twin Peaks:  We’re not shallow.  The rear view is great too.

Great View while at the bar

Great View while at the bar

The Twin Peaks Insider


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