Charisse wins Twin Peaks Addison Bikini Contest

Charisse - the winner

Charisse - the winner

The First Annual Twin Peaks Addison Bikini Contest was held Sunday, Sep 6 at 6 pm.  And what an event.    We arrived at 4:15, thinking we could get a prime seat for viewing, but alas, all the tables in the middle were taken.   Yet, by 5 pm we felt fortunate as it was just about left to standing room only, or sit in the “Cougar Den” (separate party room with shuffle, foosball, etc and TVs).  The crowd was of course male dominated but I was surprised at the number of girls in attendance – either with their boyfriend or as a supporter / voter of a girlfriend who was in the contest.   So not only where there some hotties in bikinis, but some hotties in the audience as well.

The contest is open to any girl from a Twin Peaks restaurant, and they started to wander in around 5 pm, from Mesquite, Lewisville, Plano, Frisco and of course Addison location.    Several weeks ago they held one at the Mesquite location and several of the guys I talked to mentioned they had attended that one as well.   Each girl gets a “catwalk” across the long curving bar – they put a carpet down on top of the it.   Each girl is also asked some questions and their answers are read out as they strut down the bar top.   The questions are a bit lame but sometimes funny – like what is your favorite body part was one of them.   Afterwards, each girl walks around from table to table to ask you to vote for them.  The stakes are high, as first place gets $500 in cash.

It ended around 8 pm, with the winner being Charisse from the newly opened (Aug 31) Frisco location.  Charisse was a sweet heart and a beauty to behold.  Her swim suit was custom made (and it showed).   She worked at Hooters for a while, then switched to Twin Peaks Plano where she moved up to heading up the training there.   Now she works at the Frisco store, tending bar.   We also learned she is married, and is moving from N Dallas to Frisco, which is a more family place…suitable for raising kids I asked?   Charisse politely dodged answering that question.

Next bikini contest is in Plano, Sep 20th.  Cougar Killer and I will be in attendance.  smile.

For the photo album of all the pics taken, click here to view Bikini contest.

The Twin Peaks Insider

Charisse, shown here training Kara, at the Frisco location bar

Charisse, shown here training Kara, at the Frisco location bar


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