Twin Peaks Frisco – a hangout for kids and adult sport teams

Kimberly, from a family of 10 kids, twin sister is Kailey

Kimberly, from a family of 10 kids, twin sister is Kailey

On Labor, I dropped in for lunch at the newly opened Twin Peaks Frisco location (map location) and thinking being a Labor Day and all, it would be empty.   It would also give me a chance to chat with Charisse, the winner of the previous nights bikini contest at TP Addison.  My assumptions were wrong – it was not empty.  Rather a good size crowd was there.   While it was nice to sit and chat with both Charisse and Kara, a veteran from Lewisville Twin Peaks now starting bar in Frisco, what was most interesting was the character of this new store.  Here are my unfiltered observations.  First, the bar is my favorite.   It seats 32 in the U shaped configuration.   Plano seats 17 and Addison only 20 (even though it feels bigger).  Next, you can sit at the bar and look up at 3 big screen flat panels, each with a different sports station.   Total at the bar there are 8 big flat panel high def screens.   Beautiful.   Looking out across the bar at the restaurant, there are an additional 10 (just from what I could see and count) additional flat panels.   From any angle you are viewing 3 or 4 different sporting events.    In addition, there are TVs at each booth along the outside wall where you can select your own station.

One of 8 Hi-Def big screens at the bar

One of 8 Hi-Def big screens at the bar

And while the bar is ideal for single seating or with seated with a couple of friends to grab a burger and beer, the rest of the restaurant was clearly not your average sports bar with guys hanging out.    There were FAMILIES there.   ALOT.     A little kids hockey team was there at 10 minutes till 11:00 I was told.   Those hockey dads are probably thinking – this is WAY BETTER than Chucky Cheese.  LOL.   They took up a couple of tables and booths way in the corner and the Twin Peak waitresses were all over the awards presentations for the little kids.  Lucky kids.   Then there were parents walking in with a baby in the arms.  And there were a couple of parents with teenagers sitting in booths.    Being Frisco, this should be no surprise I suppose.   Also, considering that the founder lives in Frisco with his family, you can be assured it will remain very family friendly (he brings his wife and kids in there).

The managers are very friendly and nice – Alan, Lenny and Betina make a point of coming up and saying hi, how are you, what can we do for you, etc.    Alan thinks this location will be very sports team active, especially the adult soccer and softball teams.   It also makes sense that kids sports teams will be coming here.  I bet when the season starts, a lot of the youth soccer club teams that invade the Frisco Pizza Hut Park soccer fields every weekend in the fall will start hanging out after the games at Twin Peaks.

Here are some observations / hints to share with you.   First, if you have little ones, sit in the booth.  They can select what to watch on the TV.    If you have kids, or just an adult who likes to doodle on your beer labels, it looks like there are crayons at the hostess stand (I saw a couple of girls organizing about a hundred crayons on the bench beside the door).   If you’re a gal that is going there because of your husband or boyfriend or kids team event, don’t dismay at the sports pub menu of food items.   They have a “spa menu” for the waitresses with each dish being calorie conscientious.   I admit to asking for the spinach salad with grilled chicken sometimes – and it’s good.    You’ll have to ask politely for spa menu items, but they’ll do it if you’re nice.    Also, they do have wine – not the best – but drinkable.   With more women showing up to eat there, I heard talk about offering some better quality wines.

So I guess you could think of this new store location as a great place to get a bite to eat, have a cold beer or your favorite beverage, see some sports action on the TVs, and have waitresses dressed kind of like football cheer leaders, albeit a Paul Bunyan them.

All this family stuff shouldn’t deter a regular guy from hanging out there.  Look for me at the bar, eating and drinking and socializing.   Or strike up a conversation with Sean Salisbury of 105.3 FM, The Fan.   He is a regular at the bar.  If you want the waitresses to ooh and ahh at your table, bring a cute kid.

Kara pouring drinks with a smile

Kara pouring drinks with a smile

Blogging from the bar,

The Twin Peaks Insider


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