Welcome to the Twin Peaks Insider View!

Ah yes, the wonder of Hooters, Twin Peaks and Bone Daddy’s Restaurants.    A TV news show referred to the term “brestaurants” when describing them.    If you like them or hate them, you can’t ignore that they are doing well in this economic downturn.   So how does a new comer like Twin Peaks, launched in the worst possible times, succeed?   Or, of more interest to fans of Twin Peaks, what are the real, inside stories about the operation, events, staff (and yes the lives of the waitresses), and patrons (some of the stories simply could not have been made up).    This blog, written by your intrepid reporter “The Twin Peaks Insider” will endeavor to answer these burning questions.   In addition, we will enlighten you with anecdotes, funny stories and happenings at Twin Peaks.

Disclaimer note:  We are not affiliated with Twin Peak Restaurants.  They did find out out about this blog, but have not really said too much one way or the other….  Perhaps keeping an arms distance LOL.    We will remain anonymous as much as possible to get the real scoop.

Your Friendly Wait Staff

Your Friendly Wait Staff

I would like hear from you about your stories at Twin Peaks – the girls, funny things that happen with a group having a good time there, etc.   So, send me your stories and I may post them – or certainly quote from them.  I will never use your full name, or if you wish, give me another name to use when attributing it to someone.    And, in the spirit of good taste, I will not maliciously harm the Twin Peaks Restaurant brand name or the staff working there.  From time to time, I may be critical.  And, from time to time, we will venture to sample the competition at Hooters (sometimes tiresome) and Bone Daddy’s (a fav also from time to time).

I will also try to get behind the scenes, posing as a food critic, etc., to get you the story on new store openings, upcoming events (bikini car washes), etc.

Send me your stories, your photos, and your opinions by emailing me at the link on the right hand side of this page.

Your Intrepid Blogger,

The Twin Peak Insider

3 Wheeler Night - just one of many fun extracurricular events

3 Wheeler Night - just one of many fun extracurricular events


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