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Vanda Purvis does Photo Shoot with AR-15 gun: Behind the Scenes Video

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis (aka Bambi from Twin Peaks scandalous gun photo) is seen here doing a photo shoot for a Twin Peaks promo, and posing for the 2010 Pin Up Girl calendar.    The photo shoot was done at a location in Deep Ellum, Dallas.  Vanda is a real sweetie, full of spunk and personality.

Click on these links to see the videos:

Vanda Photo for Twin Peaks

Vanda posing for photos with her AR-15


The Twin Peaks Insider


Shift Change

One of the best times to visit Twin Peaks is at shift change starting around 3:45 and ending by 4:30. This is when the girls come in wearing a street clothes outfit and the ones going home usually have on a different shirt covering their full upper body (no midriff), yet still have on the khaki short shorts and boots. I never quite understood the reason. If they are trying to leave looking not like a Twin Peaks girl, then aren’t the upper calf length fur lined boots a tell tale sign? hmmmm?

Jamie - Addison

Jamie - Addison