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Girl Chatter on day after Labor Day

The day after a 3 day holiday is usually slow at restaurants.   With this thought in mind, I selected Twin Peaks for a late lunch and chatting it up with the waitresses.   They were in the mood to talk and I got an earful.

There were several sitting and hanging out at my table, as their sections were either empty or not very busy.   The conversation got around to what we all did for Labor Day weekend, and one of them (sorry but I feel obliged to not reveal their names as you will soon find out) said she took the weekend off and went to San Antonio with her ex-boyfriend.  Asked if she was getting back together with him and she replied “no, we just had sex all weekend”.   Lucky bastard I thought.   The other gal (both are only 19) said she pretty much just worked all weekend, but said she was in a bitchy mood ’cause she was mad at her boyfriend.  He wanted to come over that night but she was not in the mood to see him.    Turns out he is her ex-boyfriend’s best friend.  But then there was something said about one of her best friends slept with her boyfriend so she was mad at her friend for long time.   I need a score card here.

Back to San Antonio-weekend girl with the sex weekend and her ex-boyfriend.  Both girls talked about how stupid it was because there would be complications.   Actually San Antonio-weekend girl said she is more like a guy and doesn’t have all the emotional drama of wanting to get back together.  Meanwhile, she is having halter top issues.  Her bright colored bra keeps slipping out at the bottom of the plaid halter top.  Both girls work on pushing it back underneath.   I had to sit on my hands.

San Antonio-weekend girl said she didn’t know why she wore that bra, as it was an underwire and she was slim enough (small B cup) to not need that type of bra.  She actually would prefer to not wear one she said but the fabric is too thin.   I added, “yeah, headlights on would not be an approved uniform look around here”.   She replied “hmmmm, no, it is more that my piercings would really show through”.  (honest – not making this up).   In addition, she had her tongue pierced a year ago (and yes, she laughed and admitted her boyfriend liked it).  The other girl asked, didn’t I realize about 80% of people get their tongue pierced for sexual reasons?  I was born way too early.

Just then Cougar Killer shows up.   And the party starts.

Blogging through the post holiday weekend mental fog,

The Twin Peaks Insider