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Ass Photos…. Not Allowed? WTF?

Lewisville store - Butt Candy for Christmas

Upon my return to the States, I desperately needed a dose of what’s good about being an American.  You know what I mean: Burgers, Cold Beer, Sports on big screens and American Girls.   I couldn’t think of a better place and time to achieve sensory overload than Twin Peaks Valentine’s Day dress up week.   I mean, come on, doesn’t a girl in lingerie make ANY food taste better?

Valentine's week at TP

Valentine's week at TP

During our conversations with our vivacious waitress my buddy and I asked about taking her picture – she was of course ready to pose but said no butt pics.  Upon asking why, she said it is the policy of the restaurant.   Apparently, a patron was almost thrown out by the manager (a new one since my last visit months ago) when he snapped a picture of a young waitress’s behind.   Now, I know from being a long time TP customer, that “butt” pictures are common.  In fact, TP has even posted them on their MySpace pages!    So, here’s to you, Mr. “no butt pics Manager at TP Adisson” – a collage of pictures taken from Twin Peaks MySpace pages.   Enjoy!

Butt Collage 0f Twin Peaks Girls

Send me your pics of Twin Peaks butts and we will try to post them!

Yours Truly,

The Twin Peaks Insider


Vanda Purvis does Photo Shoot with AR-15 gun: Behind the Scenes Video

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis (aka Bambi from Twin Peaks scandalous gun photo) is seen here doing a photo shoot for a Twin Peaks promo, and posing for the 2010 Pin Up Girl calendar.    The photo shoot was done at a location in Deep Ellum, Dallas.  Vanda is a real sweetie, full of spunk and personality.

Click on these links to see the videos:

Vanda Photo for Twin Peaks

Vanda posing for photos with her AR-15


The Twin Peaks Insider

The Hostess Stand: aka The Chicken Coop

Wander in a Twin Peaks in the afternoon, sometime after lunch but before shift change at 4, and there will be a number of girls hanging out at the hostess stand.     If there are not enough tables occupied for them to have something to do, they are like all young girls – they like to chat with each other.   And at Twin Peaks they seem to do this at the hostess stand.

chicken coop

Now I used to think it was such a wonderful way to walk into a Twin Peaks and be greeted at the door by a half dozon gorgeous women all smiling and saying “Welcome to Twin Peaks!”.    The outside world troubles just melted away.

Upon further inspection and many hours of study (and too many man sized cold drafts to count), I have a different perspective.   This is a hen house.  A chicken coop.   Sure they snap to attention and greet and seat customers but in between they are chatting.   Talking about boyfriends, shift schedules, apartment finds, sales at the mall etc.

They can also get catty too.   One girl, in training (a Bambi) was talking about how she couldn’t believe the size of the breasts on one of the bartenders (check it out – Lindsay at the Addison bar).  She said it was hard to concentrate on ordering a drink for a table and she kept staring at Lindsay’s rather large and full bosoms.     Or, they can talk about how stingy a customer was with the size of the tip.

If you want to view a bunch of girls at once, sit up front close to the hostess stand and view the hens in the chicken coop.   smile.

Your intrepid blogger,

The Twin Peak Insider


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Name Badges: Bambi, G.I. Jane and more

Notice how each girl has a badge with their name and where they are from?  Most are not that interesting as far as location – like Dallas, Bedford, Austin, etc.  Now and then you might get an interesting one such as Russia (Roxxy in Addison e.g.).  Most of the names are their real names but sometimes they are not – such as G.I. Jane!   G.I. Jane said something about she always liked that moniker and thus the name selection.

GI Jane

Personally, I am glad that they names are not “stripper” stage names such as Amber, or Crystal, or whatever the name du jour is these days at stripper clubs.     Yet, you will see a preponderence of Bambi name badges.   Underneath, it says “in training”, which is either an attempt to apologize for the generic stripper name, or to be easy on her for mistakes, or for sympathy tips?     What you may not know is that they are required to wear a name tag (takes about 3 days or so after they complete training).  If they show up without a name tag then they are given the Bambi name tag to wear for the day which the girls hate to do if they are not in training.    Perhaps this is the way for management to encourage them to remember to bring their badge.

Danielle as Bambi for the day

Danielle as Bambi for the day

So the next time you are there, look at the name badge.   Ask if it is their real name.  Ask about their home town if they are from an oddly distant place.   Or, if they are a Bambi and not obviously in training (following another waitress around) razz them if they forgot their badge.   But whatever you do, don’t come back with the tiresome line of  “hey Bambi nice to meet you, I’m Thumper”.

Your dedicated blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insider

tsk tsk - Erika forgot her badge today

tsk tsk - Erika forgot her badge today

Shift Change

One of the best times to visit Twin Peaks is at shift change starting around 3:45 and ending by 4:30. This is when the girls come in wearing a street clothes outfit and the ones going home usually have on a different shirt covering their full upper body (no midriff), yet still have on the khaki short shorts and boots. I never quite understood the reason. If they are trying to leave looking not like a Twin Peaks girl, then aren’t the upper calf length fur lined boots a tell tale sign? hmmmm?

Jamie - Addison

Jamie - Addison

Twin Peaks is CandyLand for Guys


Remember the CandyLand board game as a kid? You drew cards with a color on them and advanced down the path to that color passing Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop woods, etc? Remember the warm feeling you got while playing it?

I get the same feeling going to Twin Peaks. Its CandyLand all over again for guys who have perhaps forgotten the warm fuzzy feeling of simple fun and good times.

If you google CandlyLand the board game you will see articles about comparing Life to CandyLand, Mathematical Analysis of CandyLand (for real) and so on. I posit to you that CandyLand is re-incarnated in the form of Twin Peaks. It is what we need in today’s world of Al Qaeda, the current “great depression”, home foreclosures and job losses (I wonder how many unemployment funds are being spent at Twin Peaks these days. hmmm).

When you walk into Twin Peaks, it is like opening up the board for the CandyLand game. Remember the bright multi colors? The happy faces of the little kids? Same as any Twin Peaks you walk into. You will never see a sad face on the guys or the girls.

The first character on the board game is Lord Licorice and Licorice Castle. Very akin to the hostess stand where the manager is sometimes lurking. Interesting, but not what you are here for. If you get seated right away its like the Gumdrop pass – a cut off going directly to Gumdrop Mountains.

And off you go – past the cartoon fairy tale characters with names like Grandma Nut (who didnt know a nut as a Grandma as a kid?). Princess Lolli of Lolli Pop woods (I ain’t even going there) was dressed as a fairy with a pretty short skirt and a rather perky top.   Little did we know it was a foreshadowing of Twin Peak girls yet to come in our lives.

Finally, we get to the food. The board game has peanut brittle, gum drops, ginger bread, peppermint candies and so on. All good things as a kid. At TP we have fish tacos, pulled pork nachos, double cheese burgers and steak sliders. Don’t forget the desert – served up just like the images from CandyLand with cherries on top of the mounds of ice cream and whip cream.  Ah, life is good again.

So the next time you are at Twin Peaks, think about CandyLand. And feel the warmth as you relax and smile again.  Nothing wrong with being nostalgic.

Your intrepid blogger,

The Twin Peaks Insider

Nice Cherries

Nice Cherries

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School Girls Week at Twin Peaks

What a wonderful site to behold! Young, slender college age girls, dressed in the skimpiest of school girl outfits. Must be that Catholic School girl mystique. smile.   So, in the greatest of American traditions, we prepare to go back to school and the Twin Peak girls really got into the back to school spirit… so to speak.

I asked them where they got their outfits?  The immediate answer was “stripper stores”.  Like, duh, didn’t I know that?  In Dallas they went to Electric Boutique or some other place on NW Highway near I-35E.   You could tell the stripper skirts from regular ones, as they barely covered their bums.   Yet, no one was complaining.

Roxy - School Girl week

Roxy - School Girl week

Damn that's short!

Damn that's short!

Not sure the Nuns would approve….

This week was full of gaiety and fun. Although my liver is suffering from the duty of work that required me to attended every day of the frivolity – and just for reporting accurately!

I learned many fascinating things about the girls going to school. For example, Roxy wants to attend prenatal sonogram care at El Centro (a two year intensive program).

Kristin wants to be a sports announcer and can beat you at any trivia about sports – especially the Dallas Cowboys.  She even attends every training camp – and claims to have been attending since a little girl.

Danielle is now attending TWU in Denton to get her Masters in Nutrition.  Not to shabby.

Most other girls in the Dallas area attend CCCC, or Brookhaven, or Richland. Or, are going back to UNT (sigh). One girl is studying acting and regularly appears in plays around town.   The Austin Twin Peak restaurants have the unfair advantage of having a choice selection of UT Austin girls – estimated around 25,000 (UT is over 54,000 now?).

If any of these girls is planning on being a proctologist I’m staying seated.

Somehow, when we were in school, the skirts were neither as low riding on the hips or as high above the knees.

All in all, it was a glorious week and great to have everyone back in school!

Submit your stories to me from School Girls Week – tell me what you learned while in TP school.

As Always,

The Peak Insider