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Jimbo the Hooters Manager from “Undercover Boss” has resigned

This was found on the Official Hooters Fan page Facebook page, posted Feb 18, 2010:

Since the “Undercover Boss” episode featuring Coby Brooks, Hooters President and CEO, aired last Sunday, we have received many comments and questions about the employees involved with the show. Let us fill you in:

The manager in question resigned from his duties as an employee of Hooters and has left to pursue other options outside the Hooters system.

Texas Wings is the largest franchisee of Hooters of America and successfully operates 42 Hooters throughout Texas. Hooters of America is confident that the Texas stores are among the best managed and most successful in the Hooters system.

Hooters has a longstanding and highly effective policy protecting employees from all harassment. Hooters of America and Texas Wings are confident the incident portrayed on Undercover Boss is in no way representative of conduct within the Hooters system, which employs over 25,000 people at 460 restaurants in 42 states and 27 countries.

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Hooters Manager Not Fired for the “Reindeer” Game on Undercover Boss

The manager of the Dallas area Hooters who made his waitresses eat a plate of beans with no hands, and called it the Reindeer game, has really been a lightning rod for online blog commentators.   While filming Undercover Boss, a CBS show,  they had Corby Brooks, CEO of Hooters America, visit a Dallas area Hooters store. There he encountered a manager named Jimbo (no kidding) who treats his waitresses like pets.  Or worse.  Jimbo said on camera that he does daily ‘inspections” so the Hooters is always putting out a good “product”.    Now, I admit to enjoying the atmosphere of Twin Peaks, but this Jimbo is a pig.   Degrading, slovenly and disgusting.   Everyone who has seen the show wonders why Corby didn’t fire him on the spot.   This particular restaurant of Hooters is a franchise, so legally he is not a direct employee of Hooters, however, a strong, hands on CEO, would have called a halt to the degrading scene on the spot and had the manager fired.   Anyone in business who is powerful can get anyone fired for bad conduct.  Period.

Their is an old Yiddish saying… bad fish stinks from the head (meaning a business that is rotten originates from the top).    Draw your own conclusions about Hooters my fellow readers.

Here are some comments I gleaned from a blog site.  You can google and find many others similar.


Babs: Mon 02/15/10 10:29 PM

I believe it is:

5821 Interstate 20 W
Arlington, TX 76017

(817) 516-9464


Mon 02/15/10 7:19 AM

Yeah, I have to call “shenanigans” on “Undercover Boss”. Jimbo was an actor. No doubt in my mind.

He was like Michael Scott gone wild. But seeing a picture of the CEOs daughters suddenly made him realize the error of his ways.


Pull the other one, guys.

  • A from Dallas
    Mon 02/15/10 1:34 PM

    Sadly, Jimbo is not an actor. I used to work with him. He was one of the managers (thankfully not the GM) at the first restaurant I ever worked for (not a Hooters). And he’s exactly the same now as he was 15 years ago, right down to the tray-spinning and the “2 shakes of a lamb’s tail”. He’s the same disgusting pig he always was!


Mon 02/15/10 3:27 PM

This guy was my former boss at Hooters in Irving, TX. He treats the girls like they are his pets. He once made us do this with whole jalapeno peppers. It made one girl so sick she threw up in the ice drain. And then he just laughed at us all because we had to do it.


Tue 02/16/10 10:23 AM

I am pretty sure that falls pretty far into sexual harrasment territory. If he ever does that again (or anyone else for that matter) you should sue.


You can read all the comments at

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Hooters CEO: Chain talking to potential investors

By Jeremiah McWilliams of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, published 2:44pm Feb 16, 2010

The chief executive of Hooters of America Inc. said in a letter to employees that banks and firms are exploring ways to invest in and partner with the Atlanta-based restaurant chain.

Stories in the New York Post last week indicated Hooters might be putting itself up for sale to private equity groups or other financial firms. The restaurant chain is known for its buxom waitresses, orange hot pants and spicy wings.

In a letter to real estate and food industry executives, Brooks acknowledged that the estate of his father, Hooters founder Bob Brooks, is “engaged in the financial market to find the right partner or partners” for Hooters. But he sought to tamp down “rumors” and “speculation” about a pending sale.

Since the death of Bob Brooks nearly four years ago, Hooters has been controlled by his estate. Several personal representatives, including Coby Brooks, oversee the execution of the estate.

The goal now, Coby Brooks wrote, is to meet estate tax obligations and conform to Bob Brooks’ commitments to his beneficiaries. Brooks said those discussions have caused stories to surface about a pending sale.

“Some change is inevitable,” Brooks wrote. “But if you hear rumors about going public, me leaving, etc., they are simply and completely not true. … I want you to know my intentions are to ensure our company has the leadership, capital and cultural strength to grow for another 25 years and beyond.”

The company did not comment when asked by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution to elaborate on the letter.

Sales at the privately held restaurant chain exceed $1 billion, according to industry estimates. The 26-year-old chain has more than 450 locations in 43 states and 26 countries. Sixty-eight percent of its customers are male, mostly between the ages of 25 and 54.

Casual dining chains have been battered by the recession. Hooters and competitors have been hurt by the decline in businessman travel and convention business, said Ron Paul, CEO of research firm Technomic.

“They’re not immune to the downturn in casual dining,” said Paul, who estimated that Hooters’ sales might be down by double-digit percentages. “There’s no reason to believe they are doing better than the competition.”

Vanda Purvis does Photo Shoot with AR-15 gun: Behind the Scenes Video

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis at Twin Peaks Photo Shoot recently

Vanda Purvis (aka Bambi from Twin Peaks scandalous gun photo) is seen here doing a photo shoot for a Twin Peaks promo, and posing for the 2010 Pin Up Girl calendar.    The photo shoot was done at a location in Deep Ellum, Dallas.  Vanda is a real sweetie, full of spunk and personality.

Click on these links to see the videos:

Vanda Photo for Twin Peaks

Vanda posing for photos with her AR-15


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N.J. SWAT Team Axed After Racy Hooters Pictures Surface – Sep 2007

Seems that our Midland Sheriff Deputies were not the first to have a few beers and get cute girls to pose with their guns.   Fox News reported that it happened to a NJ SWAT Team back in September 2007.   See pictures below:



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Photo Shoot of Twin Peaks Girls, including Vanda Purvis

Stay tuned for more information on a photo shoot that was done for the girls of the month, plus the Twin Peaks Pin Up Girl 2010 Calendar.  It is hot!

Vanda Purvis getting ready for Pin Up Calendar Shoot

Vanda Purvis getting ready for Pin Up Calendar Shoot

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Reality Show Planned Around Twin Peaks Restaurant Waitresses?

A TV reality show film crew is planning on producing a series around life at the Twin Peaks restaurants.   One can imagine the situations and stories (drama) surrounding the waitresses.   The buzz is that they had planned on flying in for filming at the Frisco location on Tuesday, but cancelled due to last minute schedule conflicts.    We’ll be poking around trying to find out the re-schedule date and let you in on the details.

In addition, photo shoots have commenced using the waitresses for the upcoming Twin Peaks Pin-Up girl calendar.   It is believed the pin up girl look will be like those classic vintage ones from the 40’s (example below).

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